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Blue Green Algae for Health & Whole Nutrition
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Blue Green Algae and Cell Tech


Water is the source of life as we know it, from which all life evolved. And the first, simplest life form, that which made possible all other life forms, was algae.

Algae was the pioneer of photosynthesis, and it was this process which made oxygen available for the sustenance of all life that followed. As a matter of fact, Algae today is responsible for the production of 80% of the world's oxygen!

Endless Source

Super Blue Green Algae is aphanizomenon flos-aquae of the genus Spirula. (Spirulina is the version of blue green algae that is cultivated in "farms." Read more about the difference between Super Blue Green Algae and Spirulina in the Super Blue Green Algae FAQ.) Super Blue Green Algae is harvested in its wild state by Cell Tech from Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon is a richly nutritious strain of algae, high in protein, minerals and vitamins. It is protected by geography from the pollution and drought which has scourged most of the rest of the world's algae. In this tiny area of the globe, the environment is so optimal, the growth of the algae so abundant and healthy, that projections have indicated that it will support the needs of the world's population indefinitely.

Health with Grace

Cell Tech's unique and careful processing of Super Blue Green Algae preserves all its abundantly natural nutrients. This results in a rich supplement to the diet of millions of people around the world that has heightened their physical and mental well-being in a most gracefully balanced, kind-to-the-body fashion.

Sweeping the Continent

Over the past 20 years, micro algae (Spirulina) - and blue-green micro algae in particular - have gained tremendous popularity as whole food products for health-, quality- and performance-conscious consumers across North America.

Not just algae, but the whole and then the heart

In 1983, Cell Tech began to process and distribute Super Blue Green Algae in two forms: the whole Algae (Alpha) and the heart of Algae (Omega), which is the concentrated intracellular portion. In the years to follow, Blue Green Algae would emerge as the premium micro algae product on the market.

Just what IS it?

Truly, Super Blue Green Algae is a miracle! Its unique place in the history of life on Earth - from the earliest time to the present day - is a fascinating and compelling story. Did you know that Super Blue Green Algae has characteristics of a plant, an animal and a bacteria, all at the same time? How Super Blue Green Algae grows, the ecology of Klamath Lake - its wild home, the steps that Cell Tech takes to harvest and process Super Blue Green Algae, its extraordinary nutritional composition..... all this and more is amazing reading.

A Two-Fold Benefit

We invite you to explore our resources here. Find out for yourself what Super Blue Green Algae can offer you - not just to your vibrant health alone, but as a professional venture that you can easily become a part of with minimal cost, sharing in the independence and prosperity that is literally increasing the universal health quotient. We are pleased and privileged to be counted among the thousands of independent distributors of Super Blue Green Algae, and we will welcome you if you decide to join us.


Cell Tech's Super Blue Green Algae for Health & Whole Nutrition

Official COB disclaimer statement: Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Cell Tech's Super Blue Green Algae 
for Health & Whole Nutrition
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