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Month: September 2016

The men’s guide to doctors visits

The men’s guide to doctors visits

Lot of guys are less than keen to head to the doctor’s surgery, even when they have good reason to suspect they need some kind of guidance or treatment. Some health complaints or concerns can seem awkward, or it could just be a case of not knowing what is available to help. Statistics show men visit doctors up to 25% less than women, but when they are admitted to hospital, the likelihood of ending up in a serious condition is higher, often due to preventable illnesses like heart disease and diabetes.

Why don’t men seek more help?

Masculinity can be a fragile thing, and there’s a certain amount of pressure on most men to convey a tougher images than women are expected to. This leads to a lot of internalised worries and a lower willingness to seek help from a doctor, whether it’s a physical or mental issue. A lack of experience visiting the local surgery only makes matters work, as people (especially men) end up with misconceptions about what actually happens at the doctors, perhaps fearing intrusive physical examinations that wouldn’t really be needed.

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