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Healthy foods for every colour of the rainbow

Healthy foods for every colour of the rainbow

The best benefits of any healthy diet will be unlocked when you can get the balance just right for you. In order to help you balance your body’s different requirements, sometimes it can be helpful to get creative with how you group certain foods. For example, thinking about this rainbow spectrum of different ideas might inspire you to add some colour to your diet! Here are some ideas based on colours to look out for.

Red – Vitamin C

Tomatoes are one of the best sources of vitamin C around, and other bright red fruits and vegetables tend to have similar benefits. It’s a common misconception that red wine is healthy too, because it contains a compound that can combat heart disease. Unfortunately, it’s in such a low quantity that you couldn’t drink enough wine to benefit from it, but a glass every now and then is perfectly healthy.

Orange – Beta-Carotene

Oranges are another well-known source of vitamin C, which benefits your immune system and overall health, but vitamin A can also boost your immunity as well as fighting cancer and other diseases. You’ll find it in beta carotene which is found in many orange vegetables like sweet potatoes and, of course, carrots.

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