3 healthy eating habits to pick up

3 healthy eating habits to pick up

Our eating habits can be hard to change, even when we know the science behind what we’re eating. That’s why it’s important to train yourself gradually and get into good habits, so you can kick out your former unhealthy tendencies and focus on improving your overall health. Fortunately it’s possible to get into any routine, and your body should respond well once you have some consistency. Here are some of the best habits to try and pick up.

1) Eating regular meals

You might think you’re reducing your calorie intake by skipping breakfast or lunch, but the chances are you’ll want to eat less healthy foods in larger quantities later on. Not eating in the evening is even worse, since once you’ve slept you’re likely to be low on energy, making you irritable and tired. Sticking to three sensible meals a day and eating these at similar times normally becomes natural for most people after some practice.

2) Divide your plate by food group

It may help you balance your intake of different types of food if you organise your plate in sections. 50% of the plate should ideally be taken up with fruit and vegetables. A quarter should be grain in some form (the less processed the better), and the remaining 25% should be your protein source. You can have some flexibility on this but it’s a great target to aim for.

3) Focus on your meals

With stress and various distractions around most of us at all times, this can detract from the process of preparing food and eating meals. In order to focus on what benefits out health the most, we should try to make time to think carefully about what we’re eating. Going for convenient, easy options that aren’t as healthy is too common, and getting distracted can lead to overeating after we’re full. Take your time preparing and eating your food to get the most out of it.

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