A health-conscious guide to cocktails

A health-conscious guide to cocktails

It’s understandable that many of us focus on food when it comes to counting calories and thinking about our health. We know that drinking alcoholic drinks isn’t great for our health, but we don’t tend to think of them as fattening in the same way we would with food. This might be a serious mistake! Luckily, we can do plenty to cut down on calories, simply by choosing wisely. Here’s our ranking of cocktails according to how good (or bad) they are for people watching their weight.

1) Long Island Iced Tea –

To begin with, let’s look at one of the most calorific drinks of all! A true Long Island Iced Tea is absolutely packed with sugar, including Coke, sugar syrup and natural sugars from the lemon juice, not to mention all the various spirits. You could easily consume more than 600 calories with a single serving.

2) Pina Colada –

Likely to contain over 450 calories per glass, a Pina Colada normally contains cream which packs in a lot of them. It’s also high in natural sugars due to the pineapple juice, which is of course a particularly sweet fruit.

3) Strawberry Daiquiri –

They’re super popular, but daiquiris are also super sweet, and that’s no friend to anyone on a strict diet. The concentrated fruit combined with citrus juice can boost the calories in one cocktail up to about 400-450 kcal if you’re not careful.

4) Margarita –

For a short drink, a classic Margarita can really rack up your calorie count. Again, the sugar is the killer here, bringing the typical total to around 400 calories. Watch out for the salt on the rim, too!

5) Bloody Mary –

Coming in just under 200 calories for a typical glass, a Bloody Mary might be packed with enough tomato goodness to balance out the sugary impact. If you serve it with celery, don’t be fooled by the famous myth about it burning calories while you digest it, but it wouldn’t hurt to eat it anyway.

6) Mojito –

As long as you don’t add sugary lemonade or syrup to your mojito, the mint and lime elements are fairly harmless for anyone on a calorie controlled diet. The whole glass is likely to come in under 150 kcal.

7) Wine –

The best choice for a night of cocktails? Stick to wine! A glass of red or white might normally set you back about 120 kcal, while a small glass of champagne or prosecco can often come in under 100 in total. Stick a strawberry on the top and you’ve pretty much peaked in terms of low-cal cocktails.

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