Super-healthy summer fruits

Super-healthy summer fruits

In the UK, we love to associate summertime with our favourite food and drink. A barbeque in the sun may be the first thing that springs to mind, or perhaps you’re thinking about all the fresh fruits and vegetables that are now in season. Either way, there may be a few healthy options you’re overlooking that could help you keep your overall wellbeing in check throughout the summer. You might not realise, for example, that these three fruits happen to offer some amazing health benefits.

Protect your skin with tomatoes

If you happen to grow these yourself, even better! Tomatoes are normally at their best during the British summer, and they’re packed full of sweet, healthy goodness. Not only are they bursting with vitamin C, recent studies have identified a previously unknown benefit to tomatoes. They contain high levels of lycopene which can significantly reduce the damaging effect of UV light exposure on the skin. Taking supplements didn’t have anywhere near the same effect as simply eating tomato paste.

Stay hydrated with watermelon

There’s nothing better than a juicy watermelon on a hot summer’s day. They’re so refreshing since they have such a high water content, sweetened by their natural sugars of course. That makes them a great way to stay hydrated, especially if you get too warm and start to sweat out the moisture your body needs to keep your brain functioning at its best. Watermelon can also help protect your skin from the sun – it contains lycopene just like tomatoes!

Boost your fibre intake with raspberries

Raspberries have a lot of different health perks packed into a tiny package. One of the main ones is fibre, something that many people miss out on in their usual diet. In the right form (like some of what you might find in a raspberry), this can actively slow down weight gain and even help you reduce your body fat gradually. Just one portion of raspberries per 1000 calories you consume has been linked to a slow reduction in body weight.

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