Could Teeth Whitening Help Build Your Confidence?

Could Teeth Whitening Help Build Your Confidence?

Confidence is a vital aspect of mental health, which in turn has a profound on our overall health. Although our society is becoming more aware of mental health issues, we still find it hard to identify what is happening in our own minds a lot of the time.

Identifying the root cause of a lack of confidence can sometimes feel impossible, although in reality a combination of small factors could make a huge difference. One of these may actually be teeth whitening, something you may not have even considered before.

Research on teeth whitening and confidence

A few years ago, research was commissioned by the leading teeth whitening product manufacturer Crest, with the intention of proving a positive link between teeth whitening and success with a first date or a job interview. Participants used whitening strips on their teeth before taking part in these activities, and the results were compared against other participants who didn’t use the strips.

The results showed that as many as two thirds of the people taking part were perceived as more professional, confident and successful. This is interesting, especially when you consider the nature of the scientific link between cause and effect in this case. The data shows a correlation, but that is not to say that whiter teeth led directly to being perceived differently. What is does imply is that the people with visibly whiter teeth were happy enough with the results that they felt more confident in themselves and actually impressed the researchers more.

The other element of the research in this case, alongside the interviews, indicates more strongly that tooth whitening can help you build self confidence. This comes from a survey that all participants completed, where the majority of them also indicated that they considered physical appearance to be an important measure of how successful, confident and trustworthy someone appears. Of course, these are major factors in many important life situations.

Dealing with your own insecurities

Something as simple as whiter teeth may not sound like it could have a major impact on your chances of success, but it really is more about unlocking the hidden potential that we all have. Self confidence and anxiety issues are becoming more and more common in our society, due to the many different pressures we are subjected to every day and the ever-increasing presence of media channels in our daily lives. As a result, small insecurities related to our appearance can often grow over time into major confidence issues.

The good thing about this is that small changes also have the power to help us feel better about ourselves. The psychological power of our own minds to take even the smallest factor and subconsciously integrate it into our own identity over time can be a force for good or bad, but small things like a brighter smile can help steer us in the right direction.

What else can you do?

Of course, there are many more approaches that you may want to take if you have a personal issue with your own self confidence and would like to make some progress. Your specific insecurities may be holding you back in several different ways, especially when they’re physical attributes.

We tend to be reminded several times per day when we have a physical feature that we aren’t happy about. This may not be your teeth, but it could be your weight, height, skin, hair or anything else that causes you anxiety. The root causes of these insecurities could be related to a combination of factors, and usually they are. People are also increasingly likely to feel insecure about physical issues when they belong to any group that suffers discrimination. Race, sexuality, gender and other attributes can be linked to insecurities about our appearance.

Whatever issues may be affecting your confidence, it’s important to remember that searching for a solution is not just about vanity. You shouldn’t feel guilty for wanting to address problems you have with your own appearance. This may seem like a converse way to think, but many people do end up thinking this way. It’s more important to consider the fact that how you feel about yourself will have a knock-on effect for many other areas of your life and your overall health, so changing things for the better is always advisable.

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