Top Tips For Healthy Skin

Top Tips For Healthy Skin

Skincare may be one of your daily routines, but what if you discovered you could be doing more for your skin? You may even be doing things that cause damage without even realising, so it’s worth consulting with experts. That’s why we took inspiration from Diane Nivern, an award winning facialist in Manchester who has worked with many well-known clients, to help us produce this list of top tips.

• Whatever you do, stick to a daily routine as much as you can. The majority of home skincare products will only work effectively when used over a long period of time.

• Cleansing twice a day is vital. Every morning and every evening you should cleanse and follow that with your other products. Include a facial massage as you do this to help improve the overall quality of your skin.

• During your skincare routine, apply products designed for delicate skin first, such as around the eyes, before moving on to the rest of your face.

• To help with shadows or puffiness around the eyes, gently pull the skin downwards before using a tapping motion when you apply eye cream. Both of these actions can help to encourage lymph drainage.

• Exfoliation is important for stripping away dead skin cells. This makes your skin naturally appear more healthy, and also makes it more responsive to any beneficial products that you apply.

• Highly-rated serums are generally a good choice as one of your main facial products, as they tend to contain a variety of active ingredients to promote the health of your skin. Simply moisturisers are less effective as they do not typically contain all these extra benefits.

• To maintain healthy lips, try humming to gently encourage blood flow. If you have a lot of dry or chapped skin on your lips, you can exfoliate this with a toothbrush. Be wary of any lip balm containing mineral oil.

• Hydration is vital for healthy skin, as it is for maintaining the overall health of your body. Drink at least two litres of water throughout the day, plus extra if you drink tea and coffee because these can dehydrate you and have a bigger effect on the quality of your skin than you might realise.

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