Why visit a gynaecologist regularly?

Why visit a gynaecologist regularly?

A private gynaecologist might be one of the most important medical professionals you deal with in your life. If you’re not already visiting one regularly, there are a huge range of benefits you may be missing out on, and certainly higher risks from various potential health issues. From the first stages of puberty to the later stages of the menopause, visiting a private gyanecology clinic can help with to ensure you keep your body in good health and understand everything that’s happening.

In general, any issues with reproductive or sexual health can be addressed by gynaecologists. They are able to conduct smear tests which help to identify cervical and ovarian cancer as well as the HPV virus, offer vaccination against HPV, detect endometriosis and help with contraception issues, menopause management and other pains or problems. Early detection leads to more treatment options and better success rates for almost all the issues your gynaecologist will be checking for.

In the UK, although the NHS is a controversial topic and there is always some debate over the effectiveness and availability of services, on the whole we have access to a lot of healthcare facilities at a high standard. This is something we often take for granted, although in other countries it is more likely that these services are simply not available. In the developing world there are a limited number of qualified professionals who are able to provide adequate support for women’s health, for example, and even in countries like the USA some services are not covered by insurance and can become expensive.

However, all over the world the importance of reproductive health for women is exactly the same. The World Health Organisation (WHO) highly recommends visiting a professional at least once a year regardless of your situation, as it’s been proven to help with a range of medical issues and early disease detection. It’s very important to seek help from a trained gynaecologist with any potential problems, and there are many things they can help with.

All women should ideally be making trips to see the gynaecologist every year for a full health check, although in reality this doesn’t happen. Many women simply don’t know what the benefits and risks involved actually are, even including those who have easy access to these services. If you have never visited a gynaecologist before, it’s not too late and you haven’t missed your chance to learn something important, so it should be a priority to arrange a visit as soon as possible and stick to this at least once a year.

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